The upcoming Christmas break and the new year is a great time for self reflection. Recent podcasts with Susie Stevens, Ronnie Heath & Steve Boyle have only strengthened my thoughts that self reflection is an essential tool to utilise in the workplace. Susie quite rightly used the medical analogy to explain her point.

“If a drug is deemed harmful by research, does a doctor continue using it?”

Of course not, so why should education be any different?

Ronnie stated that if you are teaching the same way as you were six months ago, then you are not moving with the…

What do you look for when recruiting, and what really matters?

What type of person do you want to hire?

While hosting our Infinite Leaders: Live shows, a topic we often touch upon, crucial in any department or organisation is recruitment. One ‘bad egg’ can destroy a culture very quickly, undoing years of hard work.


Simon Sinek, in The Infinite Game, researched what the US Navy SEAL’s want from when recruiting new members into their ranks. Special forces soldiers like the Navy SEAL’s are some of the highest performing teams on the planet. …

Putting students first by creating a sense of belonging

“Lacking limits or bounds; extending beyond measure or comprehension: without beginning or end; endless

The word Infinite as defined by the Collins Dictionary.

Thanks to the worldwide Professional Learning Community (PLC) that has developed during Covid-19, we have so much more shared knowledge than at any other time. Great ideas and opinions are being shared all over social media and individuals such as Jess Byrne at Dulwich College Suzhou and Lauren Weston at Harrow Beijing, amongst others, have provided an excellent outline on how schools are re-introducing PE and the new…

Martin Seligman, in his book ‘Flourish’ underlines the importance of demonstrating the value of gratitude. I would like to thank everybody who gave me feedback and connected with me after my first article ‘the future of PE after Covid-19’ was published. I have been blown away, not only by the positivity in which it was received but also the sense of belonging that it has highlighted within the worldwide PE community. I addressed some of the non-physical benefits of PE and offered a brief glimpse into what our subject could look like in the future. Joe Wicks’ use of the…

The Covid-19 virus has given me time to think about the future of my beloved teaching subject: Physical Education (PE).

My colleague Lewis Keens recently wrote about the importance of exercise during the lockdown and gave some great tips and strategies for how we can incorporate physical activity into our day. In the UK, the ‘Body coach’ Joe Wicks has become ‘the nation’s PE teacher’ during this time. He is a fantastic role model for both children and adults; enthusiastic and passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. When the schools finally go back will the students ask “Can we please…

Alan Dunstan

Head of PE at the British International School Riyadh (DQ). Passionate about education.

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